Booking Terms & Conditions

  • The coupon holder will have to call our telephone numbers,
  • 1300 72 36 26
  • 03 84014162

and make a booking, which we will endeavor to make within a week.

  • Weekend (Saturday between 9am -5pm, no Sundays) & After Hours (5pm – 9 pm) bookings are available at NO extra cost, subject to availability of technicians.
  • Urgent (within 24 hours) bookings/service can also be done but at an extra fee of $49
  • With One coupon only one computer (desktop or laptop) shall be serviced, if a customer has more than one computer they can buy more coupons to get all of them serviced, (restricted to maximum 4).
  • A coupon holder who books to get additional services simultaneously (at extra cost) like data back-up or data recovery etc will be given 25% discount on standard charges of those services.
  • Customer will forfeit the coupon if an appointment is missed.
  • Onsite service is only available in Melbourne council area; other areas may involve extra charges for onsite or remote access service pack can be booked.
  • Coupons are not refundable.
  • Coupons are transferable on filling a request form.
  • Customers are eligible to get remote service pack instead.
  • Appointment can be changed with atleast 48 hours notice

Terms and conditions:

PC DOC Onsite “Computer Service and Optimization package (Onsite)” Terms & Conditions
PC Doc Onsite Pty Ltd (ACN 137 369 772) ("PC Doc" or "us")
the subscriber ("you")
The terms and conditions set out below, form a binding agreement between us and you.
1.            Term: This Subscription agreement commences on the day that you sign up Computer Optimisation package, where you have paid in full; for six months or the service has been provided, which-ever is earlier
2.            Our obligations to you: Provided that you have complied with the requirements in clause 6 at all relevant times, we will provide you with the services described in Computer Service and Optimization package (Onsite)
3.            Exclusions: The Services do not include:

  • hard drive formatting or operating system installation;
  • remove viruses and spyware from your Nominated Computer
  • the provision of new or replacement hardware or software;
  • fixing bugs inherent and engrained in certain types of software;
  • new network set ups or troubleshooting existing network;
  • installation of internal or external hardware or hardware;
  • instances where the compatibility of the system to the software is in question;
  • instances where the system configuration is invalid or not supported by the manufacturer of the device/application;
  • virus and spyware removal where the nominated computer is not running up to date licensed and paid for anti virus and anti spyware software.
  • any other on-site services;
  • software upgrades or new software releases;
  • scripting, programming, database design or web development;
  • training or instruction in how to use features of a software program other than as required to address the current technical problem;
  • advanced network services such as configuring port forwarding, installing new network equipment or connecting your computer to a virtual private network;
  • situations where the manufacturer of the application or technology is unable to, or has not yet, provided a solution to a problem;
  • back-up services; or
  • parts, labour or other costs associated with the repair of your Nominated Computer.

4.            Your obligations: You must:

  • back-up all files that you wish to maintain before you call us for your assistance;
  • have "administrator" rights and access to your Nominated Computer;
  • provide your subscription details when you ring us to request the PC Doc Onsite Services;
  • follow and accept the instructions, suggestions and advice of our professional support personnel during calls;
  • comply with the fair use policy set out in clause 6; and
  • ensure that your Nominated Computer:

(i)            meets the minimum hardware specifications for running Windows XP or later or Mac OSX 10.4 or later;
(ii)           runs Windows XP or later, or Mac OSX 10.4 or later;
(iii)          has the most up-to-date service pack installed on it as soon as possible after its release date, and in any event within 3 months of that release date;
(iv)          has the latest operating system updates installed;
(v)           have legitimate copies of all software on your Nominated Computer, as well as all installation disks/media and product keys ready to use when you ring us about a problem; and
(vi)          is running up to date, licensed and paid for anti virus and anti spyware software.
5.            Consents and authorisations:
(a)           You consent to us accessing and controlling your Nominated Computer using our remote access tool in order to provide the PC Doc Onsite Services to you.
(b)           You hereby authorise any and all access to, modification of, or impairment to your data, systems or electronic communications that occurs as part of our provision of the the PC Doc Onsite Services and agree that we are entitled to carry out the PC Doc Onsite Services in accordance with this Agreement.
(c)           You hereby permit and licence us to use and reproduce any and all copyright material contained in your Nominated Computer (including its systems, programs and data) for the sole purpose of providing you with the PC Doc Onsite Services.
(d)           You warrant to us that, at all times during the term of this Subscription Agreement:
(i)            you are the owner, or have the right to control the use of, the Nominated Computer;
(ii)           you are the owner or the licensee of all copyright subsisting in the systems, programs and data in the Nominated Computer; and
(iii)          you have the right to grant the consents, permissions and licences granted in this clause 4.
(e)           You acknowledge that some problems cannot be fixed over the telephone.
6.            Fair use policy: Excessive, unreasonable or fraudulent use of the PC Doc Onsite Services may impact the quality and reliability of the PC Doc Onsite Services.  To ensure this does not occur, you must not:
(a)           make fraudulent use of the PC Doc Onsite Services;
(b)           make multiple service requests caused by a lack of regular maintenance;
(c)           make repeat service requests caused by your failure to act on our recommendations;
7.           Privacy: Any personal information collected by us during your Computer Service and Optimization package (Onsite)” will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
8.          Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by the laws of Victoria.


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