pcPC Doc Onsite provides wast range of IT solutions. Team of technically expert engineers with extensive experiences in there designated fields is generating award winning results for the organization.

We proudly declare the peace of mind warranty on our work to our clients for additional satisfaction. Our commitment to provide same day service at client site minimize the down time to the client’s IT equipments, resulting in an efficient and reliable technical services.

Technology is growing rapidly and our technicians are updated with all new concepts of implementing the latest technology to maximise the clients working efficiency.  Remote support to the client is an active and smart way of fixing small issues in no time.




Software Support

In software Support we are dedicatedly providing solutions to all Operating system issues. We support Microsoft windows environment. Starting from windows 2000 to windows 7 operating system, all our technicians are having intensive experiences to diagnose and resolve the problem in no time. Resulting in less down time, better performance and accurate utilization of your equipments.


Our techs are expert in resolving all the issues listed:

  • Windows Freeze Ups
  • Blue-screen Problems
  • System Crashes
  • PC shutdowns
  • System Refusal to shut down
  • Annoying Pop-ups
  • Boot Failure
  • Office Applications
  • Installation of Peripherals
  • Errors
  • Disk-cleanups
  • Disk-Defrag
  • Viruses
  • Spyware / Adware / Malware
  • Data backup
  • System Restore
Program Installations
  • Email Problems
  • Hardware Conflicts
  • Memory Problems
  • Software Conflicts
  • Updates/Patches
  • Internet Issues
  • Browser Hijacks
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Small Wired/Wireless Networks
  • Network Printer Problems
  • LAN/WAN checks & troubleshooting
  • Firewall Configuration & Updates
  • Bandwidth Test
  • Updation of Firewall rules
  • Quick tips on network performance
Thousands of Do-It-Yourself articles.


Hardware Support

Experience leads to expertise and knowledge helps to innovate. Engineers working with PC DOC ONSITE are highly experience and with intensive knowledge in troubleshooting and resolving the problems. PC DOC ONSITE trains there technicians with highly technical equipments to nail down the problem, leading to implement right solutions.

PC DOC ONSITE is providing the clients with waste technical options at value to the money considerations.

    • Repair all type of laptops
    • Repair all desktop computers
    • Increasing Speed
    • Increase Graphics Performance
    • Repair Sound issues
    • Repair Blue Screen
    • Replace LCD + LED Laptops
    • Repair corrupted data.
    • Repair Laptops motherboards
    • Repair desktop motherboard
    • Upgrade Laptops RAM
    • Upgrade desktop RAM
    • Upgrade all desktop computers
    • Upgrade graphic cards
    • General services and tone up.


    All the services are with 24x7, 1300 PC DOC ONSITE Phone support.

    There is a one year manufacturer warranty on all hardware supplied and installed by PC DOC ONSITE.

    14 days piece of mind warranty on all the services provided by PC DOC ONSITE. Within 14 days of the service if the client is having same problem, the one resolved by PC DOC ONSITE. We will address that at no cost to the client.


Networking  Services

PC DOC ONSITE is a leading computer support and consulting firm providing proven information technology solutions.  Our network engineers have the knowledge and experience to manage new project implementations and provide expert on-going support.  We seek to become an integral partner in supporting your business, as we continue to do for so many other successful businesses in Melbourne.


Microsoft Solutions

The network engineers at PC DOC ONSITE provide network support and consulting services for a wide range of Microsoft's solutions.  We can work with your business to create a solution based on the goals of your company.


  • Windows Server Network Installation & Configuration
  • Server and Workstation Upgrades
  • Exchange Email
  • Windows Small Business Server
  • Windows Network Administration and Maintenance
  • Windows Virtualization
    • Server
    •  Desktop


Remote Access Solutions

Many businesses have people at branch offices, telecommuters, and people traveling who may need access to the company's network.  PC DOC ONSITE's network engineers can provide a secure solution that allows your employees to conduct business outside of the office.


  • Terminal Server
  • Web Based Remote Access Solutions
  • Remote Email
  • Mobile Device Configuration
  • Smartphone Implementation
    • BlackBerry
    • iPhone
    • Microsoft Mobile Solutions


Cisco Solutions

As technology continues to advance, companies are encountering ever increasing security threats and are presented with a variety of new services including Voice over IP telephony and seamless mobile access.  Our network engineers are experienced with today's evolving technology and can help you plan, configure and maintain a safe and reliable network.


  • Network Security
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Wireless Networks
  • Wide Area Networks


Network Storage Solutions

Having a properly designed and functioning storage network is critical to managing and protecting your organization’s data.  By leveraging networked storage solution approaches such as SAN and NAS, you receive the assurance that your storage infrastructure is reliable, flexible, and manageable. 


  • SAN - Storage Area Network
  • NAS - Network Area Storage
  • DAS - Direct Attached Storage



Security Solutions

Our network engineers offer a wide range of security solutions intended to help small and mid-size businesses identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities, defend against security attacks, and recover from a security infringement.


  • Firewall, Router
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Spyware & Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Data Encryption
  • Wireless Encryption
  • Network Security Reviews



Disaster Recovery

The ability to recover information systems quickly after a disaster such as a flood, tornado or burglary can have a significant impact on a business.  Our network engineers can help you plan and implement procedures to use to restore your company's critical business functions if a disaster occurs.   


  • Redundant Network Solutions
  • Battery Backup
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Online-Offsite Data Backup


Our capabilities in hard disk recovery include

    • EIDE and IDE disk drives from all manufacturers, including Western Digital, Seagate, Quantum, IBM, Maxtor, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Conner, Micropolis, JTS, Digital, NEC, Compaq, Digital, Kalok, Fuji, Areal and JVC using 2.5" laptop & 3.5" Normal 40 pin ATA through to the UDMA6 interface.  
    • SCSI disk drives from all manufacturers, including Seagate, Quantum, IBM, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Digital, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Micropolis, Maxtor, CDC, Imprimis, Conner, Epson, Rodime, Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi and NEC using Normal SE, UW, Differential (WD), LVD, Hot Swappable (SCA) and 2.5" laptop interfaces
    • Flash Memory, Smart Media, and many other similar data storage devices.


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