Customer’s availing of Voucher Bookings can get up to 50% Off on our specialized packages, If they book any of the below packages, together with getting their PC’s serviced as per Vouchers.

We Have Various Packages to solve your every computer need

  • Set Up Pack

  • Repairs Pack

  • Safety Pack

  • Data Pack

  • Maintain Pack

  • Custom Pack


Check them Out


Set Up Pack


New Computer  Set Up (Onsite)                                        $189

Bought a new computer, let’s set it all up, so you can focus on getting your work done rather than spend precious time trying to get it right. Well begun is half done .
What you get

  • Open, prepare and set your computer for the first time
  • Install two components of software (like office, anti-virus)
  • Install one hardware items (like standard printer,    )
  • Configure email program to your email account
  • Add your computer to your existing wireless network (if don’t have existing wireless setup, ask us about our Wireless Setup Pack

You also get the benefit of the PC Doctor’s Advice

  • Smart computing tips about how to get the best of your computer
  • Computer system snapshot Report


Wireless Network  Set Up (Onsite)                                               $179

If you have two or more computers (laptop or desktop) and want to share one internet connection, one printer or share files or use laptop in the garden or in bed and then the network setup without annoying wires.

What you get

  • Connect your router/modem  to the internet
  • Create a wireless secure network.
  • Install network card to a non Wi-Fi enabled computer(cost of card not included)
  • Configure file sharing between computers.(restricted access can be setup as well)
  • Printer share set up (up to two computers)

You also get the benefit of the PC Doctor’s Advice


VPN Virtual Private Network Set Up (Onsite)                            As Per Quote

Do you want to be able to access your work computers at home, or on the move and have to copy data in the hard drive and keep multiple copies…
Ask us how you can get that done, and we will give you a customized solution depending on number of computers and number of locations you want that done on.


Repairs Pack


Virus Removal Package                                                                 $199

Is your computer infested, you get silly pop-ups, you can’t locate files, computer shut-off automatically, don’t take it lightly, your computer may be taken by Spy-wares, and Ad-wares and virus, which is monitoring your keystrokes, and may siphon your passwords.

What you get

Scan your computer for any trace of Viruses, Ad-ware, spy-ware

Remove all, Viruses, Ad-ware, spy-ware.

If virus has affected your operating system we will try and repair it, if it cant be repaired we will retrieve your data (upto 10 GB) and re-install the operating system(will involve extra charge)

Update your existing Internet security.

And If you buy Internet Security from us you will get 25% the MRP.

You also get the benefit of the PC Doctor’s Advice

  • Onsite Repair Package                                                                   $179

Your computer has a problem, its slow or it doesn’t boot up, any problem this package is the solution.

What you get

Diagnose your computer finding the cause of the problem

Remove viruses or spyware(If required)

Repair your operating system and applications (if Required)

Update your internet security suite

Delete useless programs to speed up the starting and the running of the computer

In short we will ensure that your machine is working at its optimum

And If you buy Internet Security from us you will get 25% the MRP.

You also get the benefit of the PC Doctor’s Advice




Secure Online                                                                                               $199

Digital age helps us to communicate and transcend barriers as never before, but remaining safe Online can seem pretty daunting. We can help with this package, especially designed for you.

What you get

Check your computer security settings and software are up=to-date

Make sure Internet security is valid and up-to-date..

Give you a basic tutorial about various threats and safety practices

Techniques how to avoid Ad-ware, Mal-ware, what to download and what not ro.

How to navigate and social security do’s and don’t’s


PC Doctor’s Advice and tutorial are for upto 1 hour only, if you need more know-how or extra tutorials, you can avail of “show me how” packages.

Kids Safe Package                                                                            As per Quote

Kids can learn a lot and have a lot of fun online, but that means they may be exposed to sites and images they should not have access to, However as a responsible parent you can minimize the danger, with this package..
We don’t advise this package as a replacement to parental guidance and supervision, but it can act as a great tool to help you to achieve the goal.
Ask us how you can avail of this package.


Data Pack                                     As per Quote

  • Recovery
  • Back Up
  • Transfer

Maintain Pack

  • Speed Security Service (Onsite)                                                     $229
  • Speed Security Service (Remote)                                                    $129
  • Physical Clean Up                                                                            $79


Customised Pack                                                              As per Quote

  • Tell Us what you want


Book a tech to help you out .  PC DOC ONSITE is having multipal solutions which help all different situations. All the technicians at PC DOC Onsite are experienced and are with hands on high tech equipments too.


Global Qualifications
Local expertise are us.

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We are local knowing all local facilities available

We are with ling experiences locally with big references.

We talk simple language with best customer service skills

All the services are with 24x7, 1300 PC DOC ONSITE Phone support.

There is a one year manufacturer warranty on all hardware supplied and installed by PC DOC ONSITE.

14 days piece of mind warranty on all the services provided by PC DOC ONSITE. Within 14 days of the service if the client is having same problem, the one resolved by PC DOC ONSITE. We will address that at no cost to the client.


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 Please note: This is a maintenance service only and it does not include the installation of hardware or software other than memory. Also read the terms and conditions which explain the scope of the above services. A copy of the Terms & Conditions can be asked by email from tech@pcdoconsite.com.au



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