Computer Maintenance Package $229 inc GST

PC DOC ONSITE introduces the best value solution to get the maximum Speed, Security and Performance from your Computer with:

Speed, Security and Service Package

(Onsite, in front of you )

Computers like cars are complex machines and need proper maintenance and service to run efficiently. Our System Optimization package involves running a series of tests and utilities to ensure your computer runs to the best of its capacity.

  • System check-up ( system configuration, system requirement and scaling)
  • System clean up ( cleaning up system unwanted data, cookies, temp files and data dumps )
  • System boost up ( boosting system performance, minimizing unwanted background programs, uninstalling unwanted programs )
  • System  tune up ( minimizing startup programs , adjusting system cash and virtual pages allotment )
  • Environmental Health Check-Up (cleaning up of the computer inside out physically)

Besides these we will also

  • Analyze PC’s start up process to speed up the starting of your computer
  • Perform a De-Frag on your computer to make it faster
  • Suggest ways to back-up data.
  • Provide system performance Report
  • Maximum scope of system Utilization
  • Smart computing tips
  • Report on system security status

 All this will be done by our certified Computer Technician Onsite (where the computer is)

What You Get

  1. Major service of your PC
    1. speed up computer working,
    2. cleaning up system unwanted data & files
    3. Boost up system performance.
  2. Quicker start-up of computer by Analyzing PC’s start up process and un-installing useless programs
  3. Make your Computer faster by performing a De-Frag on your PC
  4. Full Physical Clean Up
  5. Report on system security status and computer Performance
  6. Smart computing tips
  7. Onsite service ( in front of you)
  8. Open 6 days, after hours available.
  9. Qualified technician with extensive industry experience.
  10. An Australian owned and operated company
  11. Voucher is valid for six months
Eligible for PC Doc Onsite membership. i.e. 10% OFF on all future services for ever.


Book a tech to help you out .  PC DOC ONSITE is having multipal solutions which help all different situations. All the technicians at PC DOC Onsite are experienced and are with hands on high tech equipments too.


Global Qualifications
Local expertise are us.

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  • We are local knowing all local facilities available
  • We are with ling experiences locally with big references.
  • We talk simple language with best customer service skills
  • All the services are with 24x7, 1300 PC DOC ONSITE Phone support.
  • There is a one year manufacturer warranty on all hardware supplied and installed by PC DOC ONSITE.
  • 14 days piece of mind warranty on all the services provided by PC DOC ONSITE. Within 14 days of the service if the client is having same problem, the one resolved by PC DOC ONSITE. We will address that at no cost to the client.


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 Please note: This is a maintenance service only and it does not include the installation of hardware or software other than memory. Also read the terms and conditions which explain the scope of the above services. A copy of the Terms & Conditions can be asked by email from tech@pcdoconsite.com.au



Service Locations

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