Noises, Beeping Sounds, Vibrations (Smoothly fixed by PC DOC)


Any machine which makes strange noises signifies something could be wrong and should not be taken lightly, as many a times a timely attention can help save further major problems.


  • pc Ongoing buzzing sounds.
  • pc Vibrations, clicking sounds, beeping sounds.





PC Doc says “A computer has many moving parts and every sound tells a story”

  • Buzzing sound, can mean the fan’s bearings have given up or hard drive is giving trouble
  • Vibrations means hard drive or CD Rom drive is getting faulty
  • Clicking sound may have a wide range of meaning, hard drive head  hitting the head stop or power supply loose connection


PC Doc says “If you hear a loud or abnormal sound just make sure your data is backed up.”
As in a car, a computer needs regular service and cleanups. Many a times making sure there is minimum dust and the machine is properly ventilated can prolong the life. Otherwise as with all mechanical parts, we may have to change the physical part causing the problem.

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